Works in Progress

Curious what I’m working on next?  I love to share!  These are novels that will be coming shortly or are in the writing, editing or drafting stage. Take a look at what I have planned:

Hand writing a letter with a goose feather




Genre: Time Travel Romance
Length: TBD
Publication Date: Currently in initial draft stages

Despite her magical talent as a healer, Calliope LeMay is unable to stop her friend’s death when she plummets from a balcony. Certain she was murdered, Callie goes snooping for answers at the research facility where Shelia was employed as a secretary to Dr. David DeCardian. Before she can question him, an explosion propels her thirty years into the future – – and the path of his son, Winston.

Wyn DeCardian never knew what caused the blast that killed his scientist father. Thirty years later, he’s confronted at gunpoint by a woman who believes it’s 1980 and that he is Dr. David DeCardian, his father. Wyn is reluctant to embrace the reality of time travel again, having been down that path with his ancestor, Caleb, but soon realizes Callie may hold answers to his father’s death.

When several brutal killings occur that seem eerily familiar, Wyn fears the werewolf curse that once claimed Caleb has been reborn in someone else. Or has it?